Good Freshman to Thriving Freshman

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Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore

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Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore

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Grades are job #1. So we focus a significant amount of both books on how to develop skills and strategies for excelling in the classroom. Some of the tips came from the most successful academic tutors in America. We even reveal tricks some very…well, enterprising but highly successful students use to bump their overall GPA’s by as much as half a letter grade. Imagine turning all those 85-86% test scores into 90%’s.


Why You Must Choose Your Friends

There is a huge difference between choosing your friends and being chosen. The most successful high school students choose their friends. They choose friends with similar academic and post-high school goals. Students who allow other kids to choose them as friends often times end up hanging out with kids who will distract them from their goals. Both books provide insights and tools on how to win the social game with self-confidence and purpose.


Unique Non-Academic Activities That Colleges Love To See

Grades are not enough. The story of a 4.0 student who gets rejected by several colleges is a cliché. It happens all the time. Colleges want the well-rounded and accomplished students. We provide ideas and examples of incredible opportunities for achievement which can be accomplished quickly. A student’s high school story must demonstrate results beyond the classroom. We provide tons of examples of how to write that compelling chapter.

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What others say about us

“ Fun, interesting and compelling read by two excellent young authors. Parents who don’t get this book for their students are missing a great opportunity to help their kids achieve”

Laura Holmgren

Chair, English Department Polytechnic High School Pasadena, California

“ The fact that this book is written by students adds a fresh and unique approach to helping students thrive in high school. It is a true statement that the lessons delivered in Good Freshman To Thriving Freshman are absolutely in line with the values most parents try to instill into their kids every day. A total winner of a book.””

Chris Thompson

School Board Member, Fullerton, California

“ Let’s hear it for my generation. Congratulations to the Hill brothers for a significant accomplishment that provides great advice. I recommend this book to all my friends. The most important book I have read outside the classroom.””

Andrew Penderson

High School Student Bellmont, California

“ Well written. Refreshing tone. Right on target. I enthusiastically recommend Good Freshman and Good Sophomore to all my students.”

Ms. Kelly Taylor

Academic Advisor Baton Rouge, LA

About The Authors

Joshua Hill is a sophomore attending Mission Viejo High School in Mission Viejo, California. In addition to playing safety for the school’s football team, he runs track and is a prolific creative writer. Good Freshman to Thriving Freshman is Joshua’s first published work and now one four titles in his name.

Chadney Hill recently graduated from Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, California. Chad was a 1st team All CIF Selection defensive soccer player as a sophomore and was the starting center-back defender for the National Champion BU17 West Coast Futball Club. Chadney is a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy.

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