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Good Senior To Thriving Senior

Coming Soon... Expected Availability January 1, 2017

The race is on! Students throughout America are waking up the fact that their college deadlines are approaching.  There is a national surge in community volunteerism.  Massive enrollment in SAT and ACT assistance and enrichment courses.  Desperation sets in as many families start facing the economic realities of a college education. Good Senior to Thriving Senior is the storm settler.  It is written in a way that calms the water.  With input from dozens of counselo

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Good Junior to Thriving Junior

Coming Soon... Expected Availability September 1, 2016

The third year of high school is by far the single most important year of the high school experience.  As we learned in Good Freshman to Thriving Freshman, many students will commit to their future colleges including nearly 50% of all student athletes. That sound you may be hearing is the sound of admission spots slipping away. Good Junior to Thriving Junior provides students with a specific, focused and highly motivating path to winning in the college acceptance game.

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Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore

The quest for winning admission into an elite college continues. Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore is the book specifically designed to help 2nd year high schools students outperform their classmates.  Inside the pages of this book are the secrets to winning in high school as described by dozens of over achieving students and countless educational professionals including a number of admission officers from some of America’s most prestigious universities. The debate about the lifetime value of a great post-high school educ

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Good Freshman to Thriving Freshman

Is your high school student underperforming?Are you concerned that they are not doing enough to get into the college of their choice? With this book your student will learn more than 35 incredibly powerful tactics for creating a highly successful and compelling high school experience that college admission officers will notice. The information in this book comes from research, interviews and first hand experiences by nearly a hundred thriving high school students, education professionals, high school counselors, and caring parents. Ins

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