Good Junior to Thriving Junior

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Coming Soon… Expected Availability September 1, 2016

The third year of high school is by far the single most important year of the high school experience.  As we learned in Good Freshman to Thriving Freshman, many students will commit to their future colleges including nearly 50% of all student athletes. That sound you may be hearing is the sound of admission spots slipping away.

Good Junior to Thriving Junior provides students with a specific, focused and highly motivating path to winning in the college acceptance game.  Whether you commit this year or next, you need to understand that time is running out.  This year forward all academic, social and extra-curricular activity is about massive achievement.  You must be able to demonstrate results.  That you are indeed an achiever and someone who will provide a meaningful contribution to your future college’s student body experience.   That goal is utterly broken down and powerful strategies and tactics are presented that will absolutely allow any student to pull away from their competing classmates.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Good Junior to Thriving Junior is the candid and shared experiences of the two authors.  Students will follow the Hill brothers through their individual journeys.  Readers will discover how Chadney Hill, a formally struggling student earned a spot into one of the country’s most prestigious colleges, the United States Air Force Academy.   In addition, Joshua Hill shares his experiences as a high performing student facing the challenge of trying to stand out from other high performing students.  A great read and highly motivating book that every third year high school student MUST read.


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