Good Senior To Thriving Senior

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Coming Soon… Expected Availability January 1, 2017

The race is on!

Students throughout America are waking up the fact that their college deadlines are approaching.  There is a national surge in community volunteerism.  Massive enrollment in SAT and ACT assistance and enrichment courses.  Desperation sets in as many families start facing the economic realities of a college education.

Good Senior to Thriving Senior is the storm settler.  It is written in a way that calms the water.  With input from dozens of counselors and college advisors, Good Senior to Thriving Senior creates the MUST DO plan for soon-to-be graduating high school students.

This book contains tons of ideas for reducing college expenses.  In addition, little known strategies for insuring students graduate in four years are revealed.  Finally, Good Senior to Thriving Senior provides readers with highly impactful tips for creating college applications that are competitively unique and distinctive.

The good news is that it’s not too late to earn a spot into a dream college and Good Senior to Thriving Senior is an incredibly valuable tool for graduating high school students.


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