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Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore



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The quest for winning admission into an elite college continues.

Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore is the book specifically designed to help 2nd year high schools students outperform their classmates.  Inside the pages of this book are the secrets to winning in high school as described by dozens of over achieving students and countless educational professionals including a number of admission officers from some of America’s most prestigious universities.

The debate about the lifetime value of a great post-high school education was settled long ago.  The most predictable and straightest path to a lifetime of unimpeded success is a great college education.  It is an indisputable reality that every working adult knows and understands.  Yet, rather than benefit from the lifetime experience of their parents and high school counselors too many students rely upon the advice of their often uninformed classmates.  The result is a massive population of under-performing high school students who simply don’t realize that their life possibilities are slipping away with every mediocre test score.

Good Sophomore to Thriving Sophomore was written to help students achieve massive success in high school for the specific purpose of earning a spot into a dream college.  Educators will love this book because it supports powerful academic strategies that lead to higher test scores.  Parents will love it because it reinforces values and behaviors that they are trying to instill in their own kids.  Students will love it because it is written by other students in a language they understand.  This is the book every parent wishes they had when they were in high school.


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