20150625_102812-1-1_resized Dropping Chad off in Colorado Springs to attend the United States Air Force Academy. Still had his hair.

So summer is finally here. Enjoy your much earned time off. I just want to encourage you to set three small goals for your upcoming high school year….which ever one it is. Remember, your competition from fellow classmates are probably doing things this summer to help earn them one of those few spots into your dream college. So, relax but also focus. Here are my three goals for this summer-

1. Read one of the books required in my Honors English class next year. (Visit your high school counselor for help on this).
2. Take at least one SAT prep class over the summer.
3. Finish Good Junior To Thriving Junior.

Success in life requires achievement. I think its pretty much that simple. So put yourself in situations where you can achieve regularly. When September rolls round in just a few weeks….what will you have achieved? What do you think that kid who wants your spot in college will have achieved? Think about it.

So its over 100 degrees right now in Mission Viejo, California. Time for me to go for a swim. Cheers!- Josh

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